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The nature and outcome of my work can be very varied. The tree, pathway or river may be the form; the needle, thread or fabric may be the tool; but the active process and relationship between the elements chosen in creating and the creators' work are my priority. This is what I aim to share with participants and audience.

I trained in woven and constructed textiles in Scotland, worked in the spinning and weaving industry and as a self-employed designer for a number of years. A move to the rural area of East Anglia brought me to explore and understand a combination of constructed and natural landscapes, what David Bellamy calls the 'Natural Manscape'; then working in Bangladesh to experience similar structures in different situations. I began to use larger growing materials, while still using the structures of weaving and spinning; the materials I now use are often recycled or adapted from other uses.

I am interested in sense of place, why people feel 'At Home' in a locality and how they make use of this and how connected they are to the non-human inhabitants of the locality. Through my work I aim to provide a medium which will allow positive expression of community and environment its’ history and future; raising awareness of long term sustainable development to create spaces that enhance lives both visually and practically. My work is influenced by and benefits from community projects, I deliberately balance periods of time spent working with groups to working alone on projects.  Each is an essential element to the creation of my artwork. Recently my work has involved working with communities who are not English speaking, with different perceptions and world views and values.

I have worked in large public spaces as well as small intimate environments. I work to extend peoples experience and encourage awareness of new perceptions and sensations about their position in a shared environment.

‘Conscious of the marks and materials remaining, I aim to leave a footprint that will be gentle and enhance the place I have worked in.’